Welcome to our Theater

The Gullah Traveling Theater, Inc. is a non-profit musical theater company created to promote, preserve, showcase and educate the world about the unique Gullah culture of historic Beaufort, South Carolina, the “Queen of the Sea Islands.”

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This multicultural heritage was birthed from the trans-Atlantic slave trade in America. The genesis of African American heritage can be traced back to these eastern shores. It is a journey of triumph over turmoil as the Africans persevered and flourished in spite of the horrors of slavery.

The story must be told…the good, the bad and the ugly. World history is not complete without the GULLAH Story.

Please click on the following links to visit our partners for more details and assistance in planning your visit to South Carolina.

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2 Responses to Welcome to our Theater

  1. Felton Eaddy says:

    Long overdue! This sounds fantastic! I certainly hope that schools will recognize the importance of Gullah culture and incorporate this critical aspect of African and African American life.

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